Most of the People say that  Money doesn't buy you Happiness. But that single Line doesn't mean much. Just think about it. Is it really True ??? Let's talk about it.

Money can't help you to get Friends, Wife or Husband. You Can't buy  Good health or a better body with the help of  Money. You can't buy peace with money too.

But what happens when you have no money. When you are unemployed. When you are in Debt. When you can't afford your family what they need. 
Now you see Money in Different way. Money is very important if you want to survive. You can't live in this world without it.  

                     It's true that money doesn't buy you Happiness but Poverty doesn't either. So making money is Important. But the Most important thing than making Money is to keep it &  multiply it.
Only making Money & spending all of it doesn't make any sense. The important thing is How much Money you keep & multiply for your Future. At least You Should Invest  10%  of Your Income.

                     Investment is the Best way to Multiply your Money.  Cause money In Your pocket, Doesn't make money by itself.  You have to put it in place that, It can able to Grow bigger. For growing your money, Investments are so much Important.

If you are in Your 20's Then this is the best time to Invest your money. Cause Investments grow Bigger & Bigger with time.
There are so many ways to invest your money and make YOUR MONEY TO WORK FOR YOURSELF 

I'm here to give you different Ways to invest your Money. So it will be Helpful for you to grow your money. So let's get started.


Before starting The different ways of Investment. First, we will see the Types of Investments. So basically, There are three types of Investments-

  3.  HIGH  RISK - HIGH  RETURN                                                                             
   All the Investments are working on these types. So according to Risk & Return Factor, you can easily choose your investment and reach your goal.
So let's start with different Investment options........


A Fixed Deposit (FD) is a very safe investment option provided by Banks & NBFCs. It is known as a LOW RISK - LOW RETURN type investment option. It provides High rate of INTEREST than a regular Saving Account to the Investors. FD  has a fixed time period or maturity period. If you redeem your FD before its maturity then you won't be able to get profit. 
The tenure of an FD can vary from 7, 15 OR 45 days to 1.5 years and as high as 10 years. 
The interest rate varies between 4 and 7.50 percent. Also, the interest rate varies from bank to bank.  
FDs investments are safer than other investment options but it also gives you a low return. At least your money can grow even if it gives you low Return. You can start your investment cause something is better than nothing.


The value of gold goes Up with Time. Gold is another very good option for investment. Gold is not only metal but its like currency. This is a Safe &  Simple Investment option. There is no need for lots of paperwork. That's why GOLD is the most popular as an investment option.
The Gold market is Subjected to Speculation & Volatility as other markets. But the value of Gold increase with time. So if you are investing in Gold then you have to take care of some points while buying like its purity etc. Investment in Gold surely increases your money after some interval of time.  


All of you have heard about this Stock Market. It is also known as Share Market. Lots of people have a misconception about the Stock Market. But it is also the best option for investing your money.  Stock Market comes with High Risk but it gives you HIGH RETURN. 
Most people say that the Stock Market is gambling but it's not completely true. 
If you have Adequate Knowledge of the Stock market, then your invested money can grow bigger &  bigger. Without proper knowledge of the Stock Market, it's like gambling. 
If you learn about the Stock Market then it is a very good option for investing your money. It also gives you a HIGH RETURN.



Most of the time you have seen that Advertisement on TV,  MUTUAL FUND SAHI HAI..!!!!
Is it TRUE or NOT ???  If you don't have enough knowledge about Finance and market conditions or If  You are confused about where to put your money that can grow bigger, then MUTUAL FUND (MF) is the best option for you. 
Mutual Funds are a very good starting Point for investment purpose. MF has financial Experts and They are investing our money in various sectors such as Share Market, Bonds, Real Estate, etc. 
So MF is safer than the Stock Market because it is handled by experts. Your invested money in MF is TAX-free. 
Mutual fund investments are subject to market risksPlease read the offer document carefully before investing.”

           So these are some investment options. Even if you are in your 20s you can easily start with it.
Don't forget that, Your Money will not make more money until you invest it. 
There are TWO most important Rules about money which I like MOST.

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